Key Projects

Key Projects

Tackling interesting business challenges brings responsibility for confidentiality. I am not able to share details of projects. What I can share are the methods, processes and practices that made them successful.

Engagements I‘m responsible for as a leader

Engagements I‘m responsible for as a leader


Establishing technical excellence and engineering culture with a Swiss Bank

Help the bank deliver new features customers want at record speed while adhering to the highest security standards – ensuring a best-in-class digital experience to complement their personal, long-term partnerships with customers.


Enabling the German public sector to build their own software

I‘m working with several public sector customers, helping them in-source the development of essential apps. This means building skills, teams, culture & a new mindset to release valuable software into users’ hands quickly.


Building an internal software lab with a large automotive player

I‘m accountable for the strategic leadership of this account. We coached several multidisciplinary product teams in modern software development best practices and built a variety of internal as well as consumer-facing products together.

Products I contributed to as a designer

Products I contributed to as a designer



Designing under extreme uncertainty for the benefit of millions: I was part of the product team working on the COVID-19 App for the NHS & UK Government.


Digital Gift Cards

A fun, interactive gifting experience that sparks joy and enriches digital gift cards with thought and meaning. Digital unwrapping & a personal note included.


Data analysis tool

A tool for a European public sector client to analyse and visualise complex data sets and subsequently draw conclusions from them.

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