Our digital future is bright with possibilities. By coaching teams to design relevant, user-centred products, I help make it a reality.

What I do


Helping people to grow and improve how they design & build human-centred products

In order to grow a team that does their best work, I believe in aligning the skills the business needs them to have with where they would like to grow as a person. I coach through pairing, 1:1 conversations as well as team sessions along with a measurable skill matrix for end-to-end product design. I am constantly improving this matrix, making sure the skills are most relevant.


Innovating product design practices to reflect the highest standard in design for technology

Validating business Ideas and building the right thing under extreme uncertainty is a tough but rewarding challenge. Through hands-on work and feedback conversations with fellow product people & engineers, I adapt & innovate the toolbox of product design activities & frameworks needed to do the job successfully. New ideas emerge in a lean way by experimenting & learning.


Fostering excellence by delivering value to users early and continuously learn in order to improve

High performing teams are balanced and work in a psychologically safe space that allows them to experiment & take risks. In order to make evidence-based decisions, the team conducts user research as a habit. To make success measurable I encourage every team to set product goals and call out the riskiest assumptions, in order to capture validated learning over time.


Building and maintaining a relationship of trust and appreciation with clients

In that sense, I’m a matchmaker. Together with the sales team & a senior mentor, I seek to understand the toughest business challenges of our clients and how our team can help solve them through software. I see many parallels to conducting user research: active listening & building empathy for challenges always form the first step.

Key Projects

Tackling interesting business challenges brings responsibility for confidentiality. I am not able to share any details of these projects. What I can share are the methods, processes and practices that I contributed.



Designing under extreme uncertainty for the benefit of millions: I was part of the product team working on the COVID-19 App for the NHS & UK Government



A fun, interactive gifting experience that sparks joy and enriches digital gift cards with what they have lacked before:  thought and meaning

Brands I worked with




November 10th, 2020

How designers and engineers can collaborate closer and build better digital products

Unleash designers’ & engineers’ superpower to solve the world’s most complex problems together


September 15th, 2020

Workshop & guide: define the tone of voice of your product

A collaborative way to improve how your product communicates with its users

More UI focussed work

I embrace coming from a visual design background. First and foremost, I care about people and what they need and want from the things I design. But I also care to design in a visually appealing way, being able to tell stories.

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