When I travelled across the States in September 2017, I took my chance to experience some of the IBM offices across the pond: 
When I travelled across the States in September 2017, I took my chance to experience some of the IBM offices across the pond.  

NY office entry


View from the inside of the SF office


Eye-Bee-M Logo in the SF office

In September 2017, I spent three weeks of vacation in the US. Since I enjoy being part of a global digital agency network, I took the opportunity to get to know some IBM iX folks from the New York and the San Francisco Studios, combining my vacation with a little dive into the American IBM world. I was lucky to have a lot of support from both sides of the Atlantic and Aperto’s successful integration into the IBM iX network was evident by how streamlined the networking process is.

My first stop was New York City, where I was given a very warm welcome by Elaine Schwartz and Nathan Lavertue. They both gave me a tour through the IBM office at Astor Place. We shared insights about how things run at IBM in North America / Europe and how the iX Studios could be brought even closer together. As I work as a digital art director, I was especially interested in the power of so many brilliant designers spread over the world and the opportunities to share their know-how. Nathan introduced me to several ways of sharing design know-how at IBM and shared his ideas on how to extend them. I left the New York office with lots of new contacts, ideas and a bunch of iX marketing material (I have my own iX shirt now!!!). Next stop, the West coast.

In San Francisco, I was lucky to meet Ron Poznansky, who is a designer himself as well as Sophia Levens, head of IBM Studios San Francisco. Although I was told San Francisco happens to be one of the newer iX offices, I was impressedby their creative workspace and their positive studio culture. As we did an office tour in San Francisco too, I couldn’t decide which view is more stunning: the one from Astor Place in New York or the one from Howard St, San Francisco. I noticed, even though the furniture looked similar in both studios, people there made a great job giving each location its very own identity. San Francisco even has its very own Eye-Bee-M Logo.

Encouraged by the creative and open-minded people I met at both offices, I am excited to continue exploring further IBM iX Studios, maybe London or Paris. A very big thanks to everyone for the support, the great chats and the good times exploring IBM iX Studios in the US.

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